MIR Spirobank Smart Bluetooth Spirometer

Integrates directly with the patientMpower iOS and Android apps to help you monitor your lung function at home and share them with your pulmonologist or other doctors

Helps you manage your Pulmonary Fibrosis at home and allows you to track your Forced Vital Capacity (FVC). For Lung Transplant it also tracks FEV1 and FEF25-75%

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– Dimensions: 49x109x21 mm (1,93×4,29×0,82 Inch)
– Weight: 60.7 g (Oz. 2.14)
– Power supply: 2 batteries AAA 1.5 V (batteries included)
– Connectivity: Bluetooth® LowEnegry (BLE) 4.0
– Mouthpiece supplied: 30 mm (1.18 inch)
– Measured parameters: FEV1, PEF, FVC, FEV1/FVC ratio,FEV6, FEF25-75%
– Certificates & Registrations
– CE 0476: MED 9826 by Kiwa-Cermet
– FDA 510(k): K072979