We believe in outcomes based medicine and are committed to publishing our clinical studies and outcomes.

We are working with world leading academic medical centres and researchers to help improve treatments. See our list of clinical trials listed on clinicaltrials.gov


We have designed Randomized Control Trials analysing the effectiveness of our solution in managing Interdialytic Weight Gain (primary endpoint), and blood pressure control. We expect to have trials recruiting in Ireland, UK, USA later in 2017. These will be published on clinicaltrials.gov


We are working with academic medical centres in Ireland, USA, UK to gather new types of outcome data to help improve our understanding of IPF.

Some of the key elements we are analysing in our 2017 studies include the acceptability of the patientMpower platform from patient & healthcare professional’s perspective, determining the correlation of Home Spirometry (FVC) with clinic spirometry and assessing Correlation of Home Spirometry with an IPF Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM).

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