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our study experience




We have completed two Randomized Control Trials analysing the effectiveness of our solutions in association with the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Galway, Ireland and the Renal Dialysis Centre Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland, respectively.


We are currently working with Vanderbilt University Medical Center on a clinical trial proposing ‘that structured telenursing can increase quality of life for IPF patients.’


observational studies


We are currently running an observational study in association with the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Dublin, Ireland to, among other objectives,  assess the acceptability and utility of the patientMpower app in helping IPF patients and their healthcare professional caregivers manage their condition.  

Self-monitoring of Spirometry & Symptoms Via patientMpower App in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis


We recently completed a study with Nottingham University Hospital identifying biomarkers of progressive fibrotic lung disease.

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American Thoracic Society (ATS) Publications

At ATS 2018, we presented two publications of observational studies related to IPF.

At ATS 2019, we presented three posters related to long term follow up and Air Quality in Pulmonary Fibrosis

European Respiratory Society (ERS) Publications


real world experience


We conducted a study with the PF Warriors Support Group on the utility and acceptability of patientMpower. These were the results:

‘Using patientMpower had a positive effect on my well-being & daily life.’.png
‘I want to continue using patientMpower after the survey.’  .png
‘I would recommend other people with my condition to use patientMpower.’.png


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If you are a healthcare professional or dialysis provider interested in joining our clinical trial programme or commercial pilots, please contact us.

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