Top 3 Takeaways from CHEST Lung Health Experience


This week I had the opportunity to attend the Lung Health Experience hosted by the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) in Chicago. This annual event helps spread awareness of asthma, COPD, lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis and other lung health initiatives.

There were many interactive components to the Lung Health Experience which we shared via our Twitter platform and can be viewed on our Wakelet. For now, I want to share three key takeaways from this years CHEST event:

1. Learn Something New

When I entered the Lung Health Experience tent in Daley Plaza I was able to sit with a Dr. and talk about lung health which was amazing. Having him work with me so I could do a spirometer reading was wonderful. I asked questions and got answers specific to pulmonary fibrosis. Moving over to the Ask the Lung Health Expert booth I was able to learn about other lung health related topics. The interactive area was fascinating. Learning about oxygen flow in a variety of ways was eye opening. 

2. Be Open To Speaking To Your Dr About Your Lung Health

It was interesting to see the many people speaking so freely with the physicians and clinician volunteers. So many times, people are nervous or frightened to speak to their Dr. which over time could allow a condition to worsen. This event made the medical professionals approachable and dare I say, fun to interact with. 

3. Understand Your Disease

With several partners including Team Jeffery for PF and the Feldman Family Foundation, both of whom are committed to spreading awareness of pulmonary fibrosis and making an impact for patients and caregivers it was exciting to see vetted information about this specific disease space. The Lung Health Experience offered patients and caregivers the time and space to listen, ask questions, internalize information and learn more.

The Lung Health Experience hosted by the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) serves as a fun and inviting, carnival-like atmosphere that allows members of the community to connect with their local lung health champions so that they can begin the conversation about their lung health outside of the clinical setting, get their lungs screened by a respiratory therapist or pulmonologist, learn about different disease states, and gain empathy for those ailed with conditions and diseases like asthma and COPD. 

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by Jennifer Bulandr