patientMpower Kidney Dialysis trial published on


patientMpower’s first clinical trial in Hemodialysis titled “Study of Self-monitoring of Weight & Blood Pressure (Via patientMpower Platform) in Hemodialysis” has been published on

The primary objective will be to determine the frequency of use of the patientMpower app (including the digital weighing scaled and blood pressure monitor).

Secondary outcome measures include measuring the effect of the patientMpower app on:

  • Ultrafiltration rate (UFR)

  • Interdialytic weight gain (IDWG)

  • Blood pressure

  • Medication adherence (particularly on phosphate binders)

  • Additional unscheduled hemodialysis

  • Number of additional unscheduled hemodialysis sessions


Patient and Healthcare professional opinion on utility and acceptability of patientMpower application will be assessed using a structured questionnaire.

The Study has secured funding and IRB approval and is due to commence recruitment in the first half of 2018.

by Eamonn Costello