patientMpower in $1 million IPF Catalyst Challenge


patientMpower are excited to announce that they have been shortlisted as finalists in the $ 1 million IPF Catalyst Challenge.

Speaking in advance of the IPF Catalyst Challenge finals, to be held on January 24th 2018 in Chicago, USA, Eamonn Costello, CEO of patientMpower stated: “Since we started working in IPF in 2016 we have received fantastic support from IPF patients and healthcare professionals. It is their feedback and advice that has helped build our current IPF solution”.

The free patientMpower app allows patients to track data relating to their IPF remotely, using integrated monitors (including spirometry and pulse oximetry) as well providing many other valuable features.

“We continue to engage with our users and those involved in IPF to constantly evolve our platform” stated Eamonn. “This is why we are very excited to be finalists in the IPF Catalyst Challenge. The funding available will help us achieve our aim of helping tens of thousands of people with IPF through creation of the next generation of our mobile platform, patientMpower 2.0.”

There are also exciting plans to use the Catalyst funding to provide new insights in IPF research. “We have identified that information collected from the patientMpower platform in our digital biobank(™) is a unique resource of real-life patient data” stated Dr Colin Edwards, Chief Scientific Officer at patientMpower. “With appropriate funding we can develop analytic capabilities which have the potential to provide new insights for patients, researchers and healthcare providers in IPF”.

You can follow patientMpower’s progress the IPF Catalyst Challenge finals on 24 January on the IPF Catalyst website.

About patientMpower
patientMpower is a digital healthcare company providing technology solutions for patients across a range of therapy areas including Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), dialysis and renal transplant. patientMpower is passionate about empowering better outcomes by enabling patients to better manage their care & providing unique data insights for healthcare providers and researchers to improve treatments.

by Eamonn Costello