Meet patientMpower user Rick



Hi, my name is Rick, I’m 67 and live in NY.

I was diagnosed with early stage idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) in July 2016. It was uncovered in a routine computerized tomography (CT) scan as I had no symptoms.

I learned about the patientMpower app through an online bulletin board system for persons with lung disease. I emailed the patientMpower team, and they provided me with a spirometer and instructions to download the software. The setup process was simple and remarkably easy. Using the device is very easy as well. I now use the software to record not only spirometer test results, but to record oxygen saturation and weight, too. I rarely go a day without using it.

Until I had the spirometer and software, I was never sure of my breathing. Now, if I am feeling uncertain, I can test using my patientMpower device and software.

by Jennifer Bulandr