Meet patientMpower user Heather Kagel!


My name is Heather Kagel. I’m 50 years old and live in Dallas, TX. I was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis (PF) in 2013. I’m happy to say I beat the 3 – 5 year life expectancy that many of us hear about. I have a gene mutation called TERC, which is a telomere disorder. Because of this mutation I was also diagnosed with oral cancer in 2016. I’m almost 2 years cancer free. When I’m 5 years cancer free, I can be considered for a lung transplant for my pulmonary fibrosis. I had dry unproductive cough would not go away after I was treated for bronchitis in 2013. My Dr who knows my family history, my Dad and Grandad passed from pulmonary fibrosis as well, ordered a bronchoscopy and high resolution computed tomography (HRCT) and I received my diagnosis.

I am part of the PF Warrior support group in Dallas, TX. Bill Vick, who runs the group, asked for some volunteers to test out a new app from patientMpower. I found it very easy to install and it is very intuitive and simple to use.

One of my favorite features is the voice prompt that tells you how to use the spirometer. I love that I get emails from Eamonn Costello, CEO of patientMpower, reminding me to use the app if I haven’t recorded data recently. I use the patientMpower app as a guidepost, so if my numbers look terribly wrong I can evaluate and get in to see my Dr. between visits.

I love that I am contributing to the digital databank. Knowing how hard it is for researchers to get data from PF patients, using the patientMpower app adds to their knowledge. Not everyone can get in a trial and this is one way to help. It takes no extra effort from me and it is a privilege to participate.

patientMpower is very patient focused on every level!
I highly suggest that all PF patients download this free app from the App Store on Apple or on Google Play.

by Jennifer Bulandr