Meet patientMpower user Glenda Rouland


Hello! My name is Glenda Rouland, I’m from Birmingham, Alabama and I’m 65 years old. I was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) in October of 2015 after I went to see my Doctor because of feeling short of breath.

I heard about the patientMpower app on a Facebook support group. I read where I could get a spirometer for home use which connected by blue tooth. I was excited to be able to monitor the one test that our doctors rely on for tracking IPF. It helped me become an empowered patient which is so important

Setting up the patientMpower app was very simple. If there is a glitch, there is help immediately to help figure out what the problem is

I really like to be able to keep track of my spirometer readings. I get such anxiety taking the pulmonary function tests that I feel I am not always doing the best I can. Having the home spirometer with the patientMpower app helps me to keep track and know where I am. I have checked it against the doctors and it is pretty accurate. My anxiety is lessened.

I am all in for supplying my information to the digital biobank. Anything I can do to help bring about better research and awareness for IPF I’ll do it!

by Jennifer Bulandr