ICHOM Conference in London


patientMpower attended the annual International Consortium for Health Outcome Measures (ICHOM) conferece in London recently, where thought leaders from around the world came together to discuss how to measure the outcomes that matter to patients and the path towards value based healthcare.

Michael E. Porter was among the speakers who told the audience that Healthcare was bankrupting the world economies.

Healthcare spend is bankrupting us @MichaelEPorter #ICHOM2016pic.twitter.com/TX9l0AyHPu

— patientMpower (@patientMpower) May 17, 2016

He went on to describe how providers can not think of ‘value’ in terms of their own departments or specialties, but instead need to start thinking of it in terms of the patients condition and start organising people and data around this.

Can’t think of value in a speciality or intervention. Needs to be on patients condition@MichaelEPorter #ICHOM2016 pic.twitter.com/RXxfVPV4RG

— patientMpower (@patientMpower) May 17, 2016

He went on to describe how savings of 20-30% were possible for providers who moved to value based healthcare, and demonstrated examples like hip replacements in Sweden, and Kidney Transplant in the USA where quality and outcomes improved at the same time

Measuring outcomes will demonstrate the things that can be removed and reduce cost. 20-30% possible #ICHOM2016 pic.twitter.com/nhDZugfj7v

— patientMpower (@patientMpower) May 17, 2016

by Eamonn Costello