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Protecting Lung Health during wildfires

The devastation and loss of life caused by the wildfires in California this month has been horrifying and upsetting. As well as the terrible destruction at the sites of the wildfires, the resulting impact on air quality has had serious health implications for people hundreds of miles away from the fires themselves. At one point, the air quality in San Francisco was rated the world’s worst as smoke and particles from the fires filled the air.

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Considering a lung transplant? Takeaways from the Lung Transplant Congress

patientMpower attended the International Congress on Lung Transplantation.  It brought together a fantastic range of pulmonologists, nurses, scientists and other professionals from all over the world working to improve outcomes in Lung Transplantation. The topics covered were many and varied, so here we’ve condensed a few takeaways for people considering a lung transplant.

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Visit us at #LUNGFORCE Expo in Cherry Hill, NJ, March 27th!

patientMpower for pulmonary fibrosis and lung transplant enables you to keep track of everything relating to your lung health, empowering you to get the best possible outcomes from your treatment and care. Our free app connects to devices you can use at home  to track spirometry, pulse oximetry, medication reminders, air quality updates and step counter recording.

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