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Live tweets from @patientmpower

Ok. Network of mine, I am calling in every favour I have. Every single one.
Don’t be surprised if I ask you to fundraise, or to introduce me to someone who can help @AsthmaIreland.
We need support, amplification and donations. You can help.
We will be extraordinarily grateful.

My brave, determined friend celebrating her gifted lungs 😭
If Catherine’s smile doesn’t make you consider becoming a donor, then I don’t know what will. Words cannot describe the joy, the relief and the never ending gratitude for that person who ticked ‘yes’ #OrganDonation

.@TheMaterFoundat have provided an updated information leaflet for post lung transplant patients and the recommendation for the booster (4th) vaccine.

Post transplant patients can receive their 2nd booster vaccine in pharmacies or at their GP.