Lung Transplant Solution

Most people who have hoped for a lung transplant have waited a long time before they finally receive one. But once they are back home after their transplant there is a whole new world to come to terms with, which can be overwhelming. We want to empower people after their lung transplant to better manage their treatment and care, and enable lung transplant specialists to reliably monitor their patients’ progress remotely once their patients return home.

Empower Better Outcomes in Lung Transplant

patientMpower has worked with lung transplant specialists and recipients to build a solution tailored to meet the complex needs of people who have received a lung transplant. It is important that patients are monitored very closely by their healthcare team after a transplant to detect any potential problems as early as possible. Keeping track of lung health measures is crucial in improving outcomes after a lung transplant.

patientMpower for Lung Transplant is a mobile platform which enables patients to keep track of everything relating to their health after a transplant and share this information with their healthcare team in real time.

Your doctor may ask you to use patientMpower for Lung Transplant once you return home after your transplant as this allows them to monitor your health data remotely in real time, as opposed to waiting until your next hospital appointment.

patientMpower for Lung Transplant enables patients to take control of their life after their transplant, empowering them to get the best possible outcomes from their treatment and care, with the reassurance of real time monitoring from their expert healthcare team.

Key benefits for patients are:

Data Sharing with Your Doctor

With your consent, you can share your health data (e.g. your lung function, temperature, medication use) with your doctor to enable them to monitor your progress remotely between hospital visits.

Track Lung Health Data

Record lung function measures (FEV1 & FEF25-75%) with integrated home spirometry and oxygen saturation using integrated pulse oximeter.

Help with Medications

One of the most important responsibilities people have after after transplant surgery is taking their medications correctly. The array of medications and the specific timings of when they should be taken can be overwhelming. With this feature you can record your medications and set reminders of when to take them.

Set Exercise Goals

People who have had a lung transplant need to exercise safely, at an appropriate level according to their recovery. With this feature you can set and track exercise goals, helping you to improve your lung function with the support of their care team.

Record Appointments & Keep a Health Journal

Prepare for your appointments and record journal entries on anything related to your health (e.g. breathlessness, temperature).

Location Specific Air Quality and Weather Alerts

Air quality is particularly important for people after a lung transplant. In addition, because of the medications needed after transplant patients are at a significantly greater risk of skin cancer. You can receive location specific alerts on air quality and weather forecasts.

Custom Content

patientMpower will provide relevant educational content specific to lung transplant patients.

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