Kidney Transplant Solution

patientMpower for Kidney Transplant empowers patients to maximize the lifespan of their transplant. The platform
connects with hospital systems allowing them to send data to patients and receive questions and home measurements such as blood pressure.

Key benefits for patients are:

Get Medication Reminders

Patients get reminders and motivational tips on why taking all their immunosuppressive medication is so important – poor adherence is a major cause of transplant loss.

Record Appointments & keep a Health Journal

Prompting patients to prepare for appointments and record journal entries on anything related to their health.

Set Exercise Goals

Set and track exercise goals, and discuss them with your patient’s care team. The emphasis here being on getting active around 6 weeks post transplant once all wounds have healed.

Track Data

Record Blood Pressure at home (with fully integrated bluetooth monitor) which can be sent to the hospital. Patients also get access to their hospital record including Creatinine, Kidney Function and Tacrolimus levels.

Complete Health Surveys

Surveys from your health provider to help understand your progress.

Educational Content

We’ve developed and curate content and educational videos to help patients manage their transplant.

Patients in Ireland through the National Kidney Transplant Centre in Beaumont Hospital in Dublin have been using the solution since 2015, and we are working with the Brigham Women’s Hospital in Boston to roll this out to their patients