Virtual healthcare in your hands

We are dedicated to providing remote monitoring solutions for patients living with chronic diseases.

Virtual healthcare in your hands

What our clients say about us

We provide unique data insights for healthcare professionals

Using real-time data insights, our solutions allow healthcare professionals to provide continued high quality care for better patient outcomes and contribute to research to improve treatments.

We empower chronic condition patients through virtual care management

The patientMpower team is bound together by our desire to help people living with chronic illnesses (including lung, kidney and heart conditions) to better manage their care.

We provide specialist solutions for patients with chronic lung conditions

We combine Bluetooth connected clinical-grade devices and self-care tools to enable specialist multi-disciplinary virtual care for patients with lung conditions.

Since using the app, definitely I’m more in control and sure isn’t that a great thing.

Matt Cullen

patientMpower User


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of patientMpower users surveyed would recommend using the application to other people with their condition

US Reimbursement for Remote Monitoring

Over the past few years, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have worked to expand reimbursement codes available for remote patient monitoring (RPM).

Its aim is to help providers respond to the growing shift and demand for virtual care services.

With financial reimbursement available to support remote care, providers can use the below CPT Codes for quick deployment and scaling of RPM programs. These codes provide a financial structure for medical professionals to be reimbursed for the time spent and the equipment used for patient care delivered remotely.

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