empowering better outcomes in hemodialysis

patientMpower is developing a digital therapeutic to reduce chronic fluid overload in kidney dialysis

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 data driven dialysis target weights

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patientMpower is creating a new gold standard in dry weight calculation with a dialysis machine learning algorithm.

 one holistic tool to empower dialysis patient self-care

The reasons for poor patient adherence to dialysis sessions and care regimens are multifactorial. Using patientMpower enables you to give your patients tools to empower self-care across all aspects of the dialysis treatment regimen.

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adhering to a dialysis regimen is overwhelming for your patients

Hemodialysis patients have it tough; dialysis sessions to attend, demanding lifestyle restrictions for fluid and diet and one of the highest medication burdens of any chronic disease.


managing weight gain


tracking blood pressure


dietary restrictions


remembering medication


Poor adherence to this regimen has significant consequences: Increased mortality and complications for patients, increased healthcare use for providers, and loss of revenue for dialysis clinics.

evidence based medicine approach


patientMpower are committed to developing digital therapeutics; evidence based therapeutic interventions  to prevent, manage or treat medical conditions. We employ the same evidence based medicine approach used in the development of pharmaceutical therapies, ensuring our products meet the rigorous assessments required by regulators (e.g. FDA).


read more about our evidence and clinical trial programme here

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patientMpower is transforming dialysis care for patients and providers

patientMpower is already helping hemodialysis patients and healthcare providers enrolled in our clinical trial programme.


“We believe patientMpower has the potential to be of great help to dialysis patients everywhere & plan to roll out commercially subject to our trial’s effectiveness.”

- Barry H. Smith MD, PhD
President/CEO The Rogosin Institute,
New York Presbyterian




award winning solutions

patientMpower has developed award winning solutions to empower patients living with other long term conditions. We provide electronic data capture solutions (objective, subjective & geo-location data) for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, med-tech and academic sectors. We have extensive experience in Real World Evidence (RWE) studies, understanding the natural history of chronic diseases.


patientMpower’s digital therapeutic solution for dialysis patients enables you to give your patients tools to empower self-care across all aspects of the dialysis treatment regimen.


patientMpower’s electronic data capture solutions enable researchers to capture data & engage patients with next generation clinical research tools.


patientMpower’s adaptable patient support programs empower better outcomes for patients with kidney and lung disease.





We are proud members of innovative organizations in both healthcare and digital technology.



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partner with us

If you are a healthcare professional or dialysis provider interested in joining our clinical trial programme or commercial pilots, please contact us.

If you are a potential investor, please contact us.