Hemodialysis Solution

patientMpower for Hemodialysis, empowers patients to better manage Interdialytic Weight Gain (IDWG), blood pressure and more.

Key benefits for patients are:

Manage Weight Gain

Manage weight gain between dialysis sessions. Empowering patients to stay below max gain will This approach will help providers to use lower Ultrafiltration rates required by new QIP in 2020.

Track Home Blood Pressure

Record Blood Pressure at home (with fully integrated bluetooth monitor) which can be sent to the hospital. Patients also get access to their hospital record including Creatinine, Kidney Function and Tacrolimus levels.

Medication Reminders

Patients get reminders to take all medications – with a particular focus on phosphate binders

Diet Review

The platform has a facility to allow patients to photograph meals. We recommend doing this for a period of one week, and then there is a summary prepared for dietician to review with the patient.

Complete Health Surveys

Surveys from your health provider to help understand your progress.

Educational Content

We’ve developed and curate content and educational videos to help patients manage their transplant.

We use connected weighing scales & blood pressure monitors, behavioral science, educational content and coaching to keep patients on track