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digital therapeutics to empower hemodialysis patient self-care

Find out how we can help you empower your hemodialysis patients.



 data driven dialysis target weights

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patientMpower is creating a new gold standard in dry weight calculation with a dialysis machine learning algorithm.

one holistic tool to empower dialysis patient

The reasons for poor patient adherence to dialysis sessions and care regimens are multifactorial. Using patientMpower enables you to give your patients tools to empower self-care across all aspects of the dialysis treatment regimen.

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empowering better outcomes


improving patient outcomes

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Missing dialysis sessions and/or poor adherence to the associated lifestyle restrictions and medication schedule has devastating consequences for patients; increasing mortality and the risk of complications. Our clinical trial programme will document how patientMpower effects subjective and objective patient outcomes.


reducing healthcare utilization

Poor adherence to dialysis care regimens has significant consequences for healthcare utilization – increasing rates of hospitalization and emergency department visits. Our clinical trial program will document healthcare resource utilization with patientMpower compared to standard care.

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improving dialysis clinic efficiency

Missed dialysis sessions result in lost revenue for dialysis clinics. Higher than recommended interdialytic weight gain (IDWG) mean dialysis providers must balance the risks of increased ultrafiltration rates versus the patient scheduling difficulties of prolonged dialysis times. Our trial programme will measure dialysis clinic attendance, IDWG and dialysis treatment times to assess the impact of our solution on dialysis clinic efficiency.

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improving estimation of dry weight

Accurate estimation of dry weight is critical to minimise morbidity and mortality in dialysis care. Empiric estimates lead to imprecision and variability. We are using machine learning techniques to develop proprietary algorithms to optimise estimation of dry weight.


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patientMpower is transforming dialysis care for patients and providers

patientMpower is already helping hemodialysis patients and healthcare providers enrolled in our clinical trial programme.


“We believe patientMpower has the potential to be of great help to dialysis patients everywhere & plan to roll out commercially subject to our trial’s effectiveness.”

- Barry H. Smith MD, PhD
President/CEO The Rogosin Institute,
New York Presbyterian



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digital therapeutics to empower hemodialysis patient self-care

Find out how we can help you empower your hemodialysis patients.


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